surender gupta dunar organization: RBI advises banks to preserve CCTV recordings of operations from November 8 to December 30, 2016

surender gupta dunar organization:  MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India+ has advised banks to preserve the CCTV recordings of operations at bank branches and currency chests from November 8 to December 30, 2016.

The RBI in a statement said this was necessary “to facilitate coordinated and effective action by the enforcement agencies in dealing with matters relating to illegal accumulation of new currency notes+ “.

The apex bank had earlier issued a notification on October 27, prior todemonetisation+ , asking the banks to cover the banking hall/area and counters under CCTV surveillance and record to facilitate identification of people abetting circulation of counterfeit notes.

The RBI also said it has issued elaborate instructions to all bank managements to do central data checking and its supervisors are carrying out similar exercise on various data points of banks.

On Monday, the Reserve Bank had directed banks to keep record of new bank notes in view of seizures by Income Tax Department and other law enforcement agencies of large quantities of high denomination notes.

It has been felt necessary to put in place an appropriate reporting system to keep track of issuance of these banknotes by the currency chests, RBI said in a statement.

In view of the above, the banks are advised to maintain, at the currency chest level and at link branches level, a daily record of issuances showing the serial numbers of Rs 500 and above received from RBI as remittance and issuance to their own branches, branches of other banks and post offices, branch wise and denomination wise on daily basis, it said.

The daily record of issuances should be signed by joint custodians and the branch manager at the end of the day, it said.

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