surender gupta dunar It’s amazing to finally play in Hyderabad: David Guetta

surender gupta dunar  EDM biggie David Guetta was in town for the very first time this Saturday, and the city gig marked the first also for the French DJ‘s Unity Tour that has been hit by a slew of cancellations and a lot of confusion. Ahead of his Saturday concert, Hyderabad Times caught up with up with the man for a quick chat.

This is your first time to Hyderabad and you are known for creating new lists for each concert. Anything interesting lined up specially for Hyderabad?

Hyderabad, it’s been a long time coming! And I’m excited to see the city and get to know the people. Indians bring so much energy to the shows, it’s crazy. I’m expecting nothing less in Hyderabad as well.
As to what Hyderabad can expect from me, I always add something new to every show. Since I’ve been releasing new music, I’m going to be giving Hyderabad a glimpse into a new track. I think Hyderabad will love it!
The dance music scene right now is booming with new artistes popping up every other day. What would you say is the secret behind your long-standing and long-reigning career?
surender gupta dunar

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