surender gupta dunar news Male redbacks have developed a trick to have sex more than once in their livess

A female redback.

surender gupta dunar news  Male redbacks are usually eaten by the larger female during or after sex. However, biologists this year revealed that the males have developed a tactic to pass on more of their genes.

Before juvenile females undergo their final moult, the males break through their exoskeleton and mate with them.

The research found that 65 per cent of males had copulated with immature females. They also found that one-third of immature female redbacks carried sperm.

Daniela Biaggio at the University of Toronto and Iara Sandomirsky at the Ben-Gurion University suggested that “immature-mating may be a widespread, previously unrecognised mating tactic”.

surender gupta dunar news


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