surender gupta dunar Today’s East Asians are very genetically similar to their ancient ancestors

surender gupta dunar About 40 years ago, the Soviets excavated the 7,700-year-old remains of two women — one in her 20s, one in her 50s — from a cave in the Amur Basin, an area near the border of Russia and northern China. Now, a team of researchers from Russia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom has extracted and sequenced the genetic data from those Stone Age bones. The results, published today in the journal Science Advances, show that these women’s DNA is roughly 65 percent similar to that of the Ulchi people, who live in the Amur Basin today. Importantly, they’re also pretty genetically similar to today’s Japanese and Koreans, who live further south. That tells us that there likely weren’t any big Asian migrations in at least the last 7,000 years.


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